5 Equestrian Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Eccotemp Systems

Horses are free spirited animals, and they need equipment that can keep up with them. As an equestrian (or aspiring equestrian) and horse caretaker, it is important that you have gear that keeps them strong, healthy and well-groomed. Owning a horse is a big responsibility but with the right essentials, you can give them the tender love and care they deserve. As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to check on the basic items you have and restock as needed. Read on to see more equestrian supplies to add to your stash.

Anti-Sweat Sheet

There are many products you’ll want to have for your magnificent steed, including an anti-sweat sheet. This cloth will come in handy for your horse after work outs or baths because it’s lightweight and absorbs moisture. By soaking up the sweat, your horse is less likely to experience chills and can dry off more quickly. Although anti-sweat sheets help regulate body temperature, it’s a good idea to monitor the sheet and remove once there’s excess moisture.

If your horse is sweating tremendously, it could be a sign that they are not in good enough shape for their level of work or exercise. Heavy sweating could also mean something is causing them stress so be aware of the environment. Horses lose a lot of liquid when sweating so it’s important that they drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Although you can lead them to the well but can’t make them drink, have more than enough water available just to stay on the safe side.