Common Plumbing Problems for New Homeowners

by Eccotemp Systems

The recent boom of the real estate market has led to more people selling and buying new homes on a moments notice. The scarcity of houses can lead to quick decisions due to fear of missing the opportunity. Making quick decisions ultimately leads to mistakes and overlooking small problems in the house for the sake of a quick closing. Unfortunately, for many new homeowners, those small, overlooked problems might not be small at all. Here is a plumbing checklist of items you should review before closing on a new home that may save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

1. Pipes are Clogged

The first thing you should check off your list when looking at a potential new home is the pipes. Pipes can be clogged for several different reasons, sometimes these reasons are out of your control. The location of your house may be the reason pipes are clogged., or just neglect from the original builder of the house. Tree roots can also cause severe damage to pipes and may completely break the pipes. Calling an inspector to come and assess the plumping system can help save you money and a headache!

Common Plumbing Problems for New Homeowners

2. Drain Blockage

After checking if your pipes are clogged, the next place to check are your drains. If you fin that your pipes are clogged, it is very likely that problems with your drains are not far behind. This may seem like common issue that a de-clogging agent can quickly solve, but if not handled in a timely manner, blocked drains can be a danger to your health or a possible threat to the structure of your home. As drains become blocked the contents flowing through have no escape and this can become especially dangerous when wastewater begins to build up. The toxins in the water can slowly begin to contaminate your water source. If this build up doesn’t affect your drinking water, the build up may begin to damage the foundation of your home, costing you thousands of dollars and creating an unsafe living space for you and your family.

3. Faulty Water Heater

Nothing is worse than taking a cold shower. Ensuring that the water heater in the home functions correctly can save you a headache if caught early. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact culprit that prevents hot water from flowing, but if the issue cannot be fixed, it needs to be replaced. If you notice that your water heater is faulty or there is a sediment build up that left the tank in poor condition, consider upgrading to a tankless water heater for your home. Tankless water heaters save space, money, and water by heating water when you need it rather than storing gallons of water in a large tank. The Eccotemp Whole Home Tankless Water Heater models come in a variety of options: indoor or outdoor installation, liquid propane, or natural gas. To prevent any issues after you install your new tankless water heater, make sure to descale your Eccotemp water heater with the EZ Flush Descaler Kit every six months.

Common Plumbing Problems for New Homeowners

4. Faucets May Leak

A leaky faucet is a much more common problem and can happen in virtually any home. This seemingly small problem can turn into a nightmare if left untreated. The big concern here is the constant flow of water that will add onto your water bill. Tiny drops may not seem like they would make a significant impact4 on your bill, but you would be surprised. If your new potential home has leaky faucets make sure to call a plumber to fix the problem before you move in.

5. Faulty Toilet Valve

A faulty toilet valve may seem low on the priority list of things you’re checking in a potential new home, but trust us, you want to look at it. Having a toilet valve that does not close completely will result in water constantly running after use. This can cause your water bill to increase significantly! If you notice that water is continuing to run call a plumber immediately to have this issue fixed. 

Common Plumbing Problems for New Homeowners