What’s Hiding Under Your Kitchen Sink?

by Eccotemp Systems

Are your kitchen cabinets full of things you never touch? Random pots and pans you were gifted years ago just sitting and collecting dust? Hiding items in your kitchen cabinets is the perfect way to forget they exist – out of sight, out of mind. The worst of all is the dreaded cabinet under your kitchen sink. When was the last time you really looked at what was hiding under your kitchen sink? Most people would probably say that it has been a while and cleaning out that cabinet is a dreaded task. Spring is right around the corner and that means spring cleaning is closer than you think. There is no time like the present to pull everything out from under the kitchen sink and truly evaluate what you should and should not be storing in your cabinets. We have compiled a list to help you start:

1.Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals should never be kept in an area where they could potentially come in contact with your food. Store these chemicals or cleaning supplies in a hall closet or a laundry room to ensure there is no potential cross contamination. Dish soaps that are meant to be used in the kitchen are fine to store under the sink.


You’ll find a common theme with the next few items that should not be kept under your sink…if they can be damaged by water, don’t keep them there. This goes for any electronics or appliances like a toaster, blender, or slow cooker. Only keep appliances under your sink if they are meant for those circumstance, i.e. a water heater. The Eccotemp Electric Mini Tank water heater is installed directly under your sink to be plumbed in line with your existing lines. These mini tanks are meant to be installed in these locations making them one of the safe appliances to have under your sink. SmartHome Mini tanks are another water heater option that are perfect for under the sink use.

3.Extra Supplies

Anything that could be damaged by water should not be kept under the sink. Extra supplies like trash bags, paper bags, or paper products in general will be ruined by a leaky pipe.

4.Pet food or treats

If there was a leak under the sink, this could cause the pet food under the sink to mold. The last thing you want in your house is mold, especially in the room where you prepare food. Try storing your pet’s food or treats in airtight containers in another area of your house.

5.Non-Toxic Soaps

Pipes under your sink already take up most of the space and make storage difficult with random placement of pipes. Working around the obstructions and taking advantage of all available space is the number one strategy to optimizing your storage under your kitchen sink.

Tips for Under Sink Storage:

1.Keep things accessible.

If the space under the sink is not functional after you organize it, then what was the point!? While considering where to place everything under the sink, make sure to place the high touch items in the front where they are easily accessible Placing those items in the back makes them harder to access and will eventually lead to those items being thrown back in, unorganized. Make the space work for you!

2.Use rotating storage containers.

Rotating storage containers are the perfect solution to make everything accessible under the sink! Placing all of your dish detergents, jars, fire extinguisher, random tools, etc. on a rotating device can help make organization a breeze! Everything will have it’s place and will still be accessible to you when you need it.

3.Take advantage of the door for hooks.

No space can go wasted in this small cabinet so using the door for storage is a great storage hack to help you make the most out of that awkward space. Standard over the door hanging hooks or shelves are a simple way to store dish soaps that are frequently used or towels used for drying the dishes.

So, while you’re making your spring-cleaning list make sure to add “organizing under the kitchen sink” to your list. Make sure to look for the items mentioned above and really take advantage of space saving tips to help increase the storage in your kitchen.

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