Expert Reviews: Why Eccotemp Builder Series Ranks High in 2023's Best Tankless Water Heaters

by Eccotemp Canada

In a bid to uncover the top tankless water heaters in 2023, we sought the insights of three industry experts. Each with their own unique perspective, these seasoned veterans delved into the depths of the Eccotemp Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters, reviewing features, performance, and overall value. Their combined expertise painted a compelling portrait of a tankless water heater that not only meets expectations but surpasses them.

Eccotemp has embraced a comprehensive tech-driven approach in designing the Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters that prioritize efficiency, affordability, convenience, safety, and performance. The combination of advanced technology and a commitment to customer support has made these tankless water heaters a top choice for those seeking reliable, energy-efficient, and convenient hot water solutions in their homes.

Versatile Performance
Indulge in the convenience of endless on-demand hot water with Eccotemp’s Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters, featuring options in 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0 gallons per minute (GPM) variants. These meticulously designed models are tailored to accommodate households of different sizes and requirements, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted flow of hot water.

Builder Series 6.0 GPM Tankless Water Heaters: The perfect solution for managing bustling family routines, allowing for simultaneous tasks like showers and laundry with a remarkable rating of 6.0 GPM (gallons per minute) at 145,000 BTUs and a 45-degree temperature rise. This ultra-efficient indoor model caters to a wide range of living spaces, from single-family homes and townhomes to condos, cabins, apartments, and even light commercial use across the US and Canada. Rated for 2-3 applications, you can enjoy on-demand hot showers for up to 2 bathrooms simultaneously. Eccotemp’s advanced 0.53 GPM low flow ignition technology allows users to enjoy endless hot water without experiencing cold spots.

Builder Series 6.5 GPM Tankless Water Heaters: These remarkable indoor models are rated at an impressive 6.5 GPM with a 45-degree temperature rise. Operating at 170,000 BTUs, they're capable of providing unlimited hot water for up to 3-4 applications simultaneously. Eccotemp's cutting-edge 0.66 GPM low-flow ignition technology allows users to revel in a continuous supply of hot water without the inconvenience of cold spots.

Builder Series 7.0 GPM Tankless Water Heaters: This outdoor model is ideal for larger households that demand uninterrupted hot water even during peak usage. Benefit from efficient energy consumption and lower utility bills. Operating at 180,000 BTUs, this tankless water heater can effortlessly supply unlimited hot water for up to 4 applications simultaneously. Thanks to Eccotemp's innovative 0.79 GPM low-flow ignition technology, you can relish in endless hot water without the annoyance of cold spots.

What experts are saying:
“As a seasoned home appliance expert, I have evaluated numerous tankless water heaters over the years, and I can confidently say that the Eccotemp Builder Series’ remarkable versatility extends beyond its ability to handle multiple applications; it also shines in its adaptability to various residential sizes. Whether my customer lives in a condo or single-family home, I am certain these tankless water heaters can effortlessly keep up with their hot water needs.

I have also had the opportunity to observe the Builder Series' performance in small commercial establishments, such as salons, small shops, and offices. In these environments, the demand for hot water can be quite unpredictable, but the Builder Series has consistently risen to the challenge.”

Flexible Options
Tailor your system to your preferences and needs by selecting the fuel source that suits you best. The Eccotemp Builder Series is available in both liquid propane and natural gas, ensuring you have the flexibility to meet your individual requirements.

Natural gas is a cost-effective choice for water heating, often more budget-friendly than electricity. It provides a swift and reliable hot water supply, making it particularly well-suited for larger households. However, it's important to note that access to a natural gas supply line is essential, and availability may vary by region. If a gas line extension is required, there may be slightly higher installation costs.

Conversely, propane provides versatility and serves as a dependable alternative in areas without access to natural gas. It efficiently fuels your water heater, ensuring a consistent hot water supply. It's important to note that propane tanks need periodic refilling, which can lead to additional costs. Nevertheless, many homeowners appreciate the independence and self-sufficiency that come with having their dedicated fuel source.

What experts are saying:
“As an experienced Plumber, it is my pleasure to share my insights on the Eccotemp Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters. This line of water heaters stands out for its exceptional flexibility, offering homeowners the freedom to customize their systems to meet their unique needs and preferences.

Beyond fuel source options, the Eccotemp Builder Series also offers remarkable flexibility in installation with both indoor and outdoor models. Homeowners can choose to install their tankless water heaters either indoors or outdoors, depending on their preferences and space limitations. Regardless of installation location, the Builder Series ensures years of reliable hot water service.”

Efficiency and Quality
Quality in water heating solutions is measured by consistency, longevity, and performance. Eccotemp’s tankless water heaters stand at the forefront of this revolution, offering unrivaled quality that meets the rigorous demands of modern building standards. These models heat water precisely when needed, eliminating the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters. With superior materials and construction, they not only deliver a continuous supply of hot water but also diminish the need for maintenance. For homeowners committed to quality, Eccotemp Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters are the clear choice, aligning with the highest benchmarks of value and efficiency in the industry.

What the experts are saying:
“The Eccotemp Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters represent a significant leap in home heating technology. With their advanced self-modulating system, they provide exactly the amount of heating necessary, reducing energy waste. The 6.0 GPM model, in particular, stands out for its rapid response times and intuitive temperature controls, making it an ideal choice for my cost- and eco-conscious customers. As an expert for many years in the home heating industry, I can confidently say that Eccotemp has set a new standard for reliability with their Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters.”

Durability and ReliabilityIn evaluating tankless water heaters, durability is as important as performance. The Builder Series from Eccotemp excels in both. Built to last, these heaters are equipped with high-grade materials resistant to corrosion and wear. Additionally, the consistent performance of the Builder Series under various conditions is commendable. As an expert in home appliances, I can confidently say that Eccotemp has set a new standard for reliability with their Builder Series tankless water heaters.”

Safety and Certification
Eccotemp’s Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters proudly hold CSA certification, a testament to their quality and safety. These units have undergone rigorous CSA testing and received approval for installation in the United States and Canada, up to elevations of 2,000 feet. However, it's important to note that installing the Builder Series at higher elevations may impact performance and isn't recommended. This certification underscores Eccotemp’s commitment to providing dependable and secure water heating solutions while aligning with the Department of Energy's mission to advance energy-efficient technologies and uphold the highest quality and safety standards.

Installation Requirements
Our tankless water heaters are designed for a trouble-free installation, offering user-friendly features like easy wall mounting and compatibility with a 110/120-volt UL-listed power cord. They include ¾-inch NPT water and gas connections, further streamlining the installation process. To ensure a proper installation, we recommend the use of steel gas lines. If you opt for a flex steel gas line, it's crucial that it's appropriately rated to prevent any operational issues. Specifically, for the Builder Series tankless water heater, a flex steel gas line with a minimum rating of 145,000 BTU for the 6.0 GPM variant, 170,000 BTU for the 6.5 GPM variant, and 180,000 BTU for the 7.0 GPM variant are required for proper operation, and a higher rating is preferred when possible. Additionally, we advise minimizing any 90-degree turns in your steel gas line, as each turn can reduce the maximum BTU output below the 180,000 BTU required for your Builder Series, potentially leading to gas error codes.

Ensuring a smooth installation process is essential for achieving the optimal performance and safety of your water heater. To prevent common installation mistakes like incorrect sizing, improper vent material, and overlooking the right gas line size, water connections, or electrical connections, it's crucial to adhere to the Manufacturer's Guidelines. If necessary, don't hesitate to seek professional assistance to sidestep these common pitfalls during installation. We also highly recommend the installation of a Service Valve Kit for periodic descaling and damage-preventative maintenance, which seamlessly connects to our EZ-Flush System Descaling Kit.

Selecting the right Indoor Tankless Water Heater entails careful consideration of venting, a crucial factor for both safety and efficiency. The 7.0GB Builder Series is exclusively designed for outdoor installation, eliminating the need for a venting system. In contrast, the 6.0GB and 6.5GB Builder Series are tailored for indoor use, requiring a 3-inch venting setup. Simplify installation with Eccotemp’s Stainless Steel 3" Horizontal Vent Kit or 3” Vertical Vent Kit (additional vent pieces may be needed). The horizontal kit enables exhaust gas venting through a sidewall, making it ideal for spaces with limited vertical venting options. Conversely, the vertical kit allows for venting through the roof, a suitable choice for multi-story buildings or situations where vertical venting is preferred. Selecting the appropriate vent kit guarantees the safe expulsion of combustion gases, contributing to the optimal performance and safety of your indoor tankless water heater.

Common errors in venting tankless water heaters, whether installed horizontally or vertically, can result in decreased efficiency and potential product harm. Condensation forms when hot exhaust gases cool upon exiting the vent, leading to moisture buildup.

In horizontal installations, an improper vent slope is a frequent misstep that can cause condensation to accumulate and flow back into your tankless water heater, potentially causing significant damage not covered by your manufacturer's warranty. That's why we always stress the importance of ensuring the correct slope away from your tankless water heater and recommend the installation of a Horizontal Condensation Drain Pipe (available separately) to mitigate this risk.

Improper horizontal installation: No drain pipe, wrong venting materials (must be stainless steel), no backflow preventer

In vertical installations, the correct venting setup is equally vital to safeguard your tankless water heater from potential harm. We strongly recommend the inclusion of a Vertical Condensation Drain Pipe in any tankless water heater installation, especially in areas where temperatures can fluctuate. Additionally, it's crucial to ensure the installation includes a backflow preventer, which acts as a barrier to prevent cold air from flowing back into your water heater, particularly during freezing temperatures and windy conditions. Lastly, it's advisable to have a properly sized drain pan positioned beneath your tankless water heater, ready to catch any water leakage in case of a break, freeze, or damage to ensure that your home remains protected.

Improper vertical installation: No drain pipe, no backflow preventer, no downward slope to avoid condensation returning to the water heater.

Tips and Tricks
Following the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines is crucial for extending the lifespan of your tankless water heater. Regular flushing is a key component in preventing mineral buildup and should be carried out at least once a year, although the frequency may vary depending on your water source. For those using well water, we highly recommend descaling your tankless water heater at least twice annually. Our purpose-built EZ-Flush System Descaler Kit is an invaluable resource specifically designed to address even the most stubborn buildup. By maintaining these consistent practices, you not only extend the life of your tankless water heater but also ensure its ongoing operational efficiency.

Why choose Eccotemp?
When it comes to choosing a water heater for your home, Eccotemp stands head and shoulders above lesser-known brands. What sets us apart? It's our unwavering commitment to crafting both the form and function of our products right here in South Carolina. This means that each and every water heater we provide is meticulously designed with a focus on precision, quality, and innovation. But that's not all. We understand the crucial role genuine support plays. Our dedicated team of customer support agents is always ready to address any questions or concerns, ensuring a personalized and responsive experience. Combine this with our 20 years of industry expertise, robust warranties, extended protection plans, and complimentary shipping, and you'll receive an unbeatable value package. And let's not forget our exclusive direct-from-manufacturer discounts, making owning an Eccotemp water heater an even smarter choice.

Warranty and Quality Assurance
Here at Eccotemp, we don't just offer innovative water heating solutions; we back them with a robust warranty that reflects our confidence in the quality and durability of our products. You can find details of our warranty program on our website. Our comprehensive manufacturer's warranty for Builder Series Tankless Water Heaters extends to 10 years on the heat exchanger and 5 years on components. Additionally, our live chat, product support appointments, and self-help guides provide peace of mind, ensuring that the Eccotemp Builder Series will reliably supply you with hot water for many years. We strongly recommend booking a Free Post Purchase Installation Consultation to ensure proper installation, gather tips, and address any questions before use.

In cases of improper installation, coverage may not apply, but rest assured that we stand firmly behind our products, offering support even if they are out of warranty or suffer incidental damage. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we are here to assist you, regardless of the warranty status or the extent of damage to the product.

Free Post Purchase Consultation
Our dedication to delivering excellence extends well beyond our products, encompassing unmatched customer support to ensure a seamless experience throughout your journey. We highly recommend scheduling this appointment before installation, as it provides invaluable insights and personalized guidance to address your specific needs. This is particularly beneficial for DIY enthusiasts considering self-installation. Nevertheless, we consistently endorse professional assistance to guarantee precise and correct installation.

Scheduling appointments with Eccotemp for installation, maintenance, or support is a simple process. You can easily book your appointment via our website or by contacting our dedicated support line to select a convenient time and date. We highly value your time and are steadfast in our dedication to delivering prompt and efficient service that seamlessly fits your schedule.

Within our operating hours, our Live Chat feature provides direct access to our knowledgeable agents, ready to promptly address any inquiries you may have. Alternatively, you can reach us at 1-866-356-1992 during our service hours, where our friendly customer support team is eager to assist you. Moreover, we offer a comprehensive library of Self-Help Guides available 24/7 on our website. These guides furnish step-by-step instructions and solutions to frequently asked questions, ensuring that you have the resources you need at your fingertips anytime, day or night.

In 2023, the Eccotemp Builder Series has captured the attention of experts and homeowners alike, earning a spot among the best tankless water heaters on the market. Its energy efficiency, space-saving design, endless hot water supply, easy installation, longevity, durability, and advanced safety features make it a top choice for those seeking an efficient and reliable water heating solution. If you're in the market for a new water heater that meets the demands of modern living, the Eccotemp Builder Series is a strong contender that has clearly impressed the experts. Embrace the transition to a tankless system and experience the multitude of benefits it offers in the year ahead.