5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Tankless

by Eccotemp Systems

The New Year is here and with that comes new goals and New Year’s Resolutions. It is a time for improvement and challenging your old ways to improve to the best version of you in 2021. When buying a new home, or even if you are upgrading your home of 30 years, a common feature that is looked over is your hot water source. For most, this is not common knowledge and if you are not sure what type of water heater you need, you are not alone!

The average Canadian uses around 329L of water every day. Depending on where in you are located in Canada, this number can vary day to day, but the general trend of the average monthly water bill has been increasing over the past few years. Everyone knows the obvious ways to save water (and money) like turning the water off while you are brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, and check for leaky faucets and pipes around your house. Many people do not consider switching to a tankless water heater. While the initial cost of purchasing a new tankless water heater may seem expensive, the long-term financial results you will see will make your checkbook cry tears of joy. Here are five reasons why you should consider going tankless this new year:

  • 1. Who doesn’t like to save money? The biggest benefit of switching to a tankless water heater is that it saves you money. By only heating water when you need it, there is no need for a tank to continuously heat hot water throughout the day when you might not even be home. Because the water is only heated as you need it, this creates a virtually limitless supply of hot water for less than you would be paying for a tank heater. Maintenance is another area where a tankless water heater can save you money. There are circumstances where tank style heaters burst and results in flood damage for your house. Tankless water heaters have no tank, so you never have to worry about them potentially bursting.

  • 2. Going tankless also saves you space because you obviously do not have to worry about where you are going to put a 60-gallon tank! This makes apartment, tiny home, RV, and off-grid living in Canada a breeze. Now you can focus on storing other things and stop worry about where you are going to get hot water. Some of the smallest models can fit right under your sink, out of site, out of mind.

  • 3. You have a huge variety of tankless water heaters to choose from, versus traditional tanks where you quite literally have a large tank. Tankless water heaters can be portable, connect to liquid propane, natural gas, or run-on electricity. No matter what your lifestyle may be, there is a tankless water heater out there for you.

  • 4. Because tankless water heaters are smaller, they can be placed virtually anywhere in your house. Therefore, they were given ‘on-demand’ water heaters. Traditionally, tank heaters are placed in the basement, or somewhere far from where your hot water will be dispensed. Being farther from the point of access means that the hot water that is heated in your tank must travel farther through the pipes in your house to reach the faucet that it will be supplying. Placing tankless water heaters directly at the source prevents the water from having to travel through a network of pipes to reach you…BOOM, hot water on demand!

  • 5Tankless water heaters also offer more technologically advanced features. For example, the Eccotemp i12 Tankless Water Heater has a sleek tempered glass finish and a touch screen with an LED temperature display that shows output temperature and GPM flow. This makes it easy to manage the temperature of your tankless water heater with clear and easy controls.

If you still have questions about why you should switch to a tankless water heater, or even which product would be the best addition to your home, visit our website https://ca.eccotemp.com/ browse our products and choose which would best fit your lifestyle. If you have questions about any of the products on our site, contact Customer Support to find the Eccotemp water heater that was made for you!