Going Tankless in Montreal

by Eccotemp Systems

Montreal is a modern, urban city sprinkled with history throughout. As the largest city in the province of Quebec and the second-largest city in Canada, the six different boroughs that create this wonderful city are all unique in their own way. No matter what part of Montreal you call home, there is something for everyone.

Whether you live in the heart of the city in an apartment, or in a more rural area of Montreal in a cottage style family home, odds are you enjoy having hot water in your house. A tankless water heater is a crucial part of any house that is often underappreciated until you must go without it. When the time comes and you must replace your water heater, tank or tankless, the obvious choice is to go tankless and invest in a more energy efficient, space saving model to heat your water.

There are numerous benefits of going tankless, especially in Montreal:

  • Energy consumption is reduced by as much as 30% when switching from tank to tankless which saves you money.
  • Can be installed on the wall saving you space – great for apartment / city living.
  • Provides continuous hot water because water is heated as you need it – not stored in a tank.

Montreal prides itself on being both a tech forward and historical city at the same time. In order to preserve the beauty of the city, while also hopping on the tech-forward trend, many are investing in tankless water heaters. Many electric tankless water heaters like the Eccotemp iE Series come equipped with a bright and clear LED screen for easy-to-read controls and settings. It’s sleek, modern design also makes it stylish for any room in your house, unlike tradition tank water heaters that tend to be an eye sore.

Eccotemp iE Series Kitchen Lifestyle

Indoor models are also more popular than exterior tankless water heaters due to the cold winters and the possibilities of pipes freezing. Living in an apartment, indoor electric tankless water heaters are the most logical solution for your hot water needs. For whole homes that need a hot water supply, sometimes an indoor electric model may not have the ability to provide your entire home with hot water. In this case, investing in a point-of-use mini tank water heater to install right next to, or under a faucet, can help provide your home with the extra boost that it needed. The Eccotemp SmartHome Mini Tanks and the Original Electric Mini Tanks Series are easy solutions for whole homes in need of a little extra support.

Going Tankless in Montreal

Make sure to consider the number of faucets, showers, people, or anything that may affect how much hot water you need before purchasing a tankless water heater. Every model is built for different uses and they have varying GPM’s (gallons per minute). If you do not properly size your tankless water heater for your needs, someone in your house may end up with a very cold shower! Eccotemp has a tankless water heater that will fit any lifestyle and any type of situation your home may need.

If you have any questions or concerns about which water heater is best suited for your needs, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team who will happily answer your questions.