Scared to go Tankless?

by EccoTemp Systems

Imagine, it’s a dark and stormy night. You’re just getting in from a night of early Halloween festivities, or a late season baseball game. You’re tired, maybe even a little chilled from the spooky mist rolling in, and you’re looking forward to a nice hot shower to round out your day. But, as you step into your home, you notice a puddle of water on your brand-new hardwood floor or carpet and the room feels slightly humid. Your old water heater tank has ruptured and flooded your house! *Gasp* The horror! But this isn’t the newest Steven King novel, it’s an all-too-real scenario that people all over face when their traditional water heater decides to kick the bucket.

A lot of people think that going tankless is a “scary” transition and it’s natural for people to fear what they don’t understand. Going tankless doesn’t have to be frightening. Take a look at these facts about going tankless that should help you be well equipped to make the switch to a more efficient way of providing hot water for your home.

What is a tankless water heater and how does it work?

Basically, a tankless water heater doesn’t store water to heat it passively over time like a traditional water heater tank. Tankless water-heaters heat water when you want to use it as the water passes through the system and on to where you need it.

People should not be Scared of the Price of Tankless Water Heaters and their installation costs.

No need to fear! EccoTemp makes going tankless affordable. One look at our products section and you’ll see that the price of a tankless water heater is typically about the same as a traditional water heater, but they are often much less depending on your needs.

As far as installation costs go, plumbers are typically able to install our tankless water heaters much more quickly and easily (less costly) than a traditional tank because of the size, weight, and ease of access to our valves.

Change is scary, and sometimes so is “new” tech.

Tankless water heater technology has been around for a long time. Have you ever heard of a boiler used in large or older buildings? It’s a very similar concept. At the end of the day, if you switch to a tankless water heater you’re going to notice two very big changes: the amount of money you save from not constantly heating water like with a traditional tank water heater, and the fact that you’ll actually have endless amounts of hot water right when you need it. The only new tech you might have to get used to is the option to set your heater’s output remotely with your smartphone on some of the newest models of EccoTemp’s tankless water heaters.

If you’ve been considering the switch to a tankless water heater, reach out to our customer service team through our chat feature in the bottom right with any questions you might have. They will be happy to hear from you.