How Long Do Your Appliances Really Last?

by Eccotemp Systems

Home appliances are an important investment for your home. Some appliances get more use than others and some run in the background and are often forgotten about. Because home appliances can be pricey, and there are so many of them in your home, it is important to take proper care of every appliance to get the full lifespan of each one. Below is a list of some major household appliances, their average lifespan, and how you can maximize the life of the appliance.

How Long All Major Household Appliance Should Last On Average

Furnace: 15-25 years

To extend the life of your furnace, check your air filter on a regular schedule. You can tell when it is time to replace the air filter if it looks like a dusty old accordion.

Air conditioning: 10-15 years

The lifespan of an average air conditioning system is around 10-15 years. Even with proper maintenance, these appliances will need to be replaced to ensure that there is never an instance where you are without cool air.

Thermostats: 35 years

Your thermostat is most likely going to be the longest lasting appliance in your house. It may never need replacing, but most people replace their thermostat every 35 years simply due to technological improvements. To reach that threshold, make sure to adjust your thermostat carefully to prevent any damage to the exterior.


Smoke detector: 5-10 years

Although your smoke detector can last for 5-10 years, it is important to change the batteries in the smoke detector once or twice a year. A test should be performed once a month to ensure that your smoke detector is functioning properly, and a replacement is not needed.

Dishwasher: 9 years

Proper maintenance of your dish washer includes keeping the sprayer arm nozzle unclogged and cleaning the drain regularly.


Microwave: 9 years

Microwaves typically have a shorter lifespan than many other appliances. By regularly cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave and correctly closing the door with each use, your microwave will continue to function properly and last it’s full lifetime.

Fridge and Freezer: 13 years

Your fridge and freezer can last on average for 13 years if properly maintained. Not only is it important for keeping your family safe and healthy, but regularly cleaning the inside of the fridge and removing and old/ moldy food can help extend the life of your refrigerator and keep it sanitary. When opening and closing the doors of your fridge/ freezer, make sure to do so gently and fully. Leaving the fridge cracked can cause the internal temperatures to rise and ice can melt which may lead to potential blockages. Lastly, make sure to vacuum your refrigerator coils once a year to keep them clean and functioning properly.

Fridge and Freezer

Oven and Stove: 13-15 years

On average, your oven and stove will last 13-15 years before they will need replacing. To get the most life out of your oven/stove make sure to regular clean both areas and handle all knobs, handles, and accessories with care to prevent damage.

Oven and Stove

Washer and Dryer: 10-13 years

For your washing machine, keep the filter clean and regularly check the hoses for leaks and clogs to make sure your washer is lasting as long as intended.

Similarly, by checking hoses for leaks and clogs and keeping the filter clean, you can maintain your washer longer.

Washer and Dryer

Water Heater

When it comes to estimating the lifespan of your water heater, you must look at the type of water heater that you own. Tankless water heaters have the longest lifespan at 20-plus years. Standard tank models only last around 10 years even when proper maintenance recommendations are followed. An Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater can last for years if descaled every 6 months with the EZ Flush Descaler Kit, compatible with all Eccotemp Tankless Water Heaters. If an issue ever occurs and your Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater is malfunctioning, check the parts and accessories page of the website to find a replacement part to fix the problem. Rather than buying a completely new tankless water heater, replacing the part can save you tons of money in the long run.

EZ Flush Descaler Kit

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