Tankless Water Heater Tips & Tricks for Toronto

by Eccotemp Systems

If you live in the Toronto area and have a tankless water heater in your home, this article is for you! Investing in a tankless water heater can help save water and money. Rather than having a tank water heater that stores gallons of water at a time, tankless water heaters heat water as you need it, saving large amounts of water, which ultimately saves you money. You are also able to control the exact temperature of your water providing ultimate comfort and convenience.

Different regions of Canada experience different climates so it is important to consider how the weather in your area may affect your purchase. The culture of your region is also you should take into consideration. Here are some tips to keep your tankless water heater running like new for years to come.

Save Space

Toronto is a large city with a large population. This means that space is hard to come by like in other parts of Canada. When living in a city where space is limited, it is important to capitalize on every extra inch for storage. Tankless water heaters are much smaller and far more practical for city living than tank water heaters. Tankless models can fit under cabinets, be easily installed on the wall, and give homeowner or apartment renters more options for installation.


No matter where you are located or the climate that your tankless water heater is experiencing, descaling is a crucial part of maintaining a functioning product. All water-based appliances or equipment can be susceptible to water scale, lime, or rust deposit buildup. It is recommended that you descale your tankless water heater once every six months to prevent any of this build up that may result in blockages. The Eccotemp EZ Flush Descaler Kit is a compact, easy to use descaler that dissolves the toughest build ups and can be reused for years to come. To view our quick-start guide on using your EZ-Flush Descaler Kit click here.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the greatest benefits of tankless water heaters is their efficiency. By only heating water when you need it, and not storing it in a large 60+ gallon tank, you are doing your part to help the environment. Tankless water heaters are significantly more energy efficient than their cousin, the tank water heater. By storing your water in a large tank, they must expend double the energy than that of a tankless water heater because they are constantly reheating the water.

Indoor Models

Winter months in all parts of Canada can bring on extremely low temperatures. This becomes a problem when your tankless water heater is installed outdoors. Tankless water heaters are not meant to withstand the severe cold that it may experience throughout Canada which can lead to pipes freezing. Many Eccotemp models have freeze protection as low as -34℃. However, this antifreeze protection does not cover any water that freezes in the pipes. If you were to experience freezing in either incoming or outgoing water pipes, a rupture in the heat exchanger and pipes may occur.

There are ways to prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter months.

  • 1.Purchase an indoor tankless water heater model to keep the product safe from the elements.
  • 2.Always ensure that your pipes are properly insulated with heat tape OR keep the water running at a slow trickle to prevent freezing.
  • 3.Your vent kit must have a back-flow preventer to ensure that cold air does not backflow through to the heat exchanger and risk freeze damage.

Not Enough Hot Water?

One of the great benefits of tankless water heaters is that your water temperature can be controlled manually in most models. If there are times where you don’t seem to be getting enough hot water, like the colder winter months, simply adjust the temperature to provide your home with warmer water. If there are days when you want a cooler shower, adjust your tankless water heater to decrease the water temperature to your liking.