Camping Trip? Tips & Tricks For Packing The Car

by Eccotemp Systems

(Rule #1: Don't forget the water heater)

Everyone’s smiling from ear to ear. The car is all gassed up and you’re ready to put your Portable Tankless Water Heater to the test. While it’s compact and easy to store, avoid tossing it into the trunk. See these tips on how to pack your portable properly so that it works effortlessly once you reach your destination.

Many adventurers with recreational vehicles have a dedicated space for their portable water heater, but if you’re traveling in a standard sedan, SUV or truck, these tips can help you maximize your space and stay safe.

Don’t Forget Your Water Source

For true off grid adventures where public water sources are not available, you’ll need to bring a water source to be used with the Eccoflo Pump and Strainer (detailed below). The size of your water source will vary, depending on how many people will need to use the water heater and the available space in your vehicle. Luckily, there are several options for storing your water source. A quick Google search will lead you to storage containers, traditional water tanks, tanks you can roll like a suitcase and collapsible reservoirs. Our Guys Gone Tankless used a 17-gallon tub for their trip. (see video below)

Now you have a water storage container that suits you. It’s time to play [insert favorite super hero] and move it to your trunk. (Please have someone assist you, if necessary). We recommend placing it against the back seats under a tarp if you have one. If you’re using a truck with a cargo bed, make sure the water source and all items are secured to prevent sliding.

Garden Hose & Propane Tank

That water source we just talked about will need a water hose. A standard garden hose is all you need but if you have one that resists tangles, here’s an A+ for you! Remember to take a standard 20 lb propane tank, as this is what powers the water heater.

Important: The propane tank must be placed upright so it doesn’t roll while driving. Always close the cylinder valve and seal it with a plug, if required. Check the laws and safety guidelines in your area on transporting propane tanks.

Portable Water Heater

Your Portable Tankless Water Heater should be placed in a sturdy container. It should also be located near the opening of the trunk to help prevent it from moving around. If there’s still ample space left in your trunk after packing everything, we suggest adding more items to create a buffer and restrict movement of the propane tank and water heater.

Important: The water heater must be placed upright as well. Make sure it is turned off and disconnected from all hoses. If your water heater was used before, be sure to drain it before placing it into the vehicle. To do this, open the drain valve (ribbed cylindrical stem next to the water input valve) to ensure all water is drained. See your product manual for more information about draining and water heater safety.

Pressurize It!

Portable water heaters make traveling so much easier, but sometimes the water pressure you need just isn’t there. Pack your EccoFlo Pump and Strainer so you can shower and clean with ease. You can place it in the container with your water heater.

The EccoFlo is compatible with all of our Portable Tankless Water Heaters and can be used in any scenario where you need to pump or pressurize liquids. Powered using only 12V, this water pump can be used virtually anywhere and comes with everything needed for a quick and easy installation.

Watch Guys Gone Tankless show you how to get your Portable water heater ready for your next adventure!