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Outdoor Portable Questions? We've Got Answers.

What Is the Best Portable Shower for Camping?


Choosing the best portable shower for camping involves evaluating factors like ease of use, portability, and efficiency. For Canadians who love the outdoors, Eccotemp's Portable Tankless Water Heaters are an excellent choice. These innovative devices offer on-demand hot water without bulky storage tanks, making them perfect for camping, hunting, and other remote adventures.

Top Rated Portable Tankless Water Heaters:


Flow Rate (GPM)



1.5 GPM

Camping, Outdoor Shower, Backyard, Poolside, Food Carts, Equestrian, Pet Bathing, Hunting, Emergency Prep, Off-Grid, Greenhouse, Van Conversion, Wash Down, Recreation, Tailgating


3.0 GPM


1.5 GPM


1.85 GPM


3.0  GPM

L5 1.5 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Lightweight and compact, ideal for camping, poolside, pet washing, and vehicle cleaning. It operates on a standard 20 lb. propane tank and two D cell batteries, providing 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water. CSA certified for use in Canada, it ensures safety and reliability.

L10 3.0 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Perfect for high-capacity needs, offering 3.0 GPM. It’s great for activities like hunting, washing down after a swim, and greenhouse maintenance. Powered by a standard 20 lb. propane tank and two D cell batteries, it ensures a consistent hot water supply.

EL5 Luxé 1.5 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Versatile and durable, suitable for camping, pet bathing, and outdoor showers. With an upgraded rain cap, tri-layered powder coat paint, and high-grade steel construction, it withstands extreme weather conditions.

EL7 Luxé 1.85 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Delivers high-powered performance with 52,500 BTU, providing 1.85 GPM. Its robust design includes an upgraded rain cap and high-grade steel construction for durability.

EL10 Luxé 3.0 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Offers 75,000 BTU and a flow rate of 3.0 GPM, suitable for simultaneous use at two points. Ideal for camping, RVing, poolside relaxation, and more.

These models ensure that you have access to hot water wherever your adventures take you, enhancing your outdoor experience.

How Do Portable Showers Work?


Portable water heaters are essential camping accessories, designed to provide hot water wherever you are. They are perfect for camping, tailgating, or remote locations without standard utilities. Here's how these outdoor camping showers function:

Step-by-Step Functionality:

  1. Power Source: Eccotemp Portable Water Heaters use an electronic ignition powered by four AA or two D cell batteries, depending on the model. They also require a standard 20 lb. propane tank for heating.
  2. Water Source Connection: Connect a garden hose to an outdoor spigot or use a pump system to draw water from a river or reservoir. The Eccoflo Pump and Strainer are ideal for providing pressurized water in non-pressurized environments.
  3. Ignition and Heating: When the device is turned on, water flows through it, triggering the ignition of internal burners. These burners heat the water rapidly as it passes through the system.
  4. Temperature and Flow Control: Adjustable knobs on the front panel allow you to tailor the water temperature and flow rate. Models vary, offering 1.5 to 3 GPM.
  5. Safety Features: Automatic shut-off mechanisms activate if the heater tips over, ensuring safety during use.

These portable water heaters provide a blend of convenience, efficiency, and innovation, making them indispensable for any outdoor activity.

How Do I Get Pressurized Water Off-Grid?


Achieving pressurized water in off-grid settings is crucial for various outdoor activities. The Eccotemp Eccoflo Pump and Strainer offer a reliable solution, providing consistent water pressure from sources like rivers, streams, or barrels.

Tips for Maximizing Off-Grid Water Sources:

  1. Inspect Connections: Ensure all connections are secure and leak-free to enhance efficiency and prevent water loss.
  2. Check Water Quality: Use clean water to protect the pump's integrity and maintain water quality.
  3. Optimal Placement: Place the pump near your water source with the intake hose fully submerged to avoid air pockets.
  4. Routine Maintenance: Regularly clean and inspect your pump, storing it in a dry place when not in use.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a reliable water supply for various needs in any off-grid situation.

Do Portable Water Heaters Use Electricity?


Eccotemp portable water heaters are designed to operate without traditional electrical connections, making them perfect for remote locations. They use battery-powered ignitions (four AA or two D cell batteries depending on model) and propane from a standard 20 lb. tank for heating. This setup allows you to use the heater anywhere, regardless of electrical availability.

The reliance on battery power for ignition and propane for heating provides several significant advantages for outdoor enthusiasts and those in remote areas. First and foremost, it offers exceptional flexibility and portability, allowing you to bring the comforts of hot water to places far removed from modern infrastructure. Whether you're camping deep in the Canadian wilderness, setting up a hunting camp, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, an Eccotemp portable water heater ensures that you have access to hot water.

Additionally, the use of batteries and propane is particularly advantageous in off-grid situations where traditional power sources are unavailable or unreliable. This feature makes Eccotemp portable water heaters an excellent choice for emergency preparedness. During power outages or natural disasters, having a reliable source of hot water can significantly improve comfort and sanitation.

The efficiency of these portable water heaters is another key benefit. Because they heat water on demand, they avoid the energy waste associated with traditional water heaters that continuously keep water hot. This on-demand heating not only conserves energy but also extends the life of the propane tank, making it a cost-effective option for frequent travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the simplicity of the setup means that you don't need specialized knowledge or tools to get your portable water heater up and running. The battery-powered ignition system is straightforward, requiring only the insertion of batteries and the connection of a propane tank. This user-friendly design ensures that even those new to camping or outdoor activities can quickly and easily enjoy the benefits of hot water.

For environmentally conscious users, Eccotemp's use of propane, a cleaner-burning fuel compared to other fossil fuels, and the efficient on-demand heating system help reduce the overall carbon footprint. This makes it a more eco-friendly choice for those looking to minimize their environmental impact while still enjoying modern conveniences.

In summary, the ability to operate without traditional electrical connections, combined with the efficiency and convenience of battery-powered ignitions and propane heating, makes Eccotemp portable water heaters an indispensable tool for a wide range of outdoor activities and emergency situations.

How Do I Install a Portable Outdoor Water Heater?


Installing a portable camping shower is straightforward. Follow these steps to set up your portable water heater:

  1. Secure Placement: Hang the water heater using the provided mounting hardware.
  2. Battery Insertion: Insert the required batteries for electronic ignition.
  3. Apply Pipe Tape: Use pipe tape on all connections to prevent leaks.
  4. Water Inlet Connection: Connect a garden hose to the water inlet.
  5. Water Source Attachment: Attach the other end to your water source. Use the Eccoflo Pump for low-pressure sources.
  6. Showerhead Connection: Attach the showerhead to the water outlet.
  7. Propane Tank Connection: Connect a standard 20 lb. propane tank to the gas inlet.
  8. Enjoy: Turn on the device, adjust the temperature, and enjoy your shower.

By following these steps, you can easily set up your portable shower for any outdoor activity, ensuring hot water is always available.

What Are the Benefits Of A Portable Shower?


Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Portable water heaters and showers provide the luxury of hot water in remote locations, making camping and other outdoor activities more comfortable. Whether you're cleaning up after a long day of hiking or simply want a warm shower, these devices ensure you don't have to compromise on comfort. To further enhance your outdoor experience, the Ecco Tent offers an easy pop-up solution for portable shower privacy. This innovative tent is designed to work seamlessly with Eccotemp portable water heaters, providing a private and comfortable space for showering no matter where you are.

Key Features of the Ecco Tent:

  1. Easy Pop-Up Design: The Ecco Tent is engineered for quick and hassle-free setup. Its pop-up mechanism allows you to have a private shower space ready in minutes, making it perfect for spontaneous camping trips or emergencies.
  2. Three Dual-Sided Zippers: The tent features three dual-sided zippers for easy access and ventilation. These zippers ensure that you can enter and exit the tent from multiple sides, enhancing convenience and usability. The design also allows for proper airflow, which helps to prevent the tent from becoming stuffy or uncomfortable.
  3. Compatibility with Eccotemp Portable Water Heaters: The Ecco Tent is specifically designed to accommodate Eccotemp's range of portable water heaters. This compatibility ensures that you can set up your portable camping shower inside the tent effortlessly. The tent provides a stable and sheltered environment, protecting the water heater and user from the elements.
  4. Durable and Weather-Resistant Material: Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the Ecco Tent can withstand various outdoor conditions. Whether you're facing rain, wind, or intense sun, the tent will provide a reliable and private space for your outdoor shower.
  5. Portable and Lightweight: The Ecco Tent is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. It folds down compactly, making it convenient to carry along with your camping gear. Its portability ensures that you can bring it along on any adventure without adding significant weight or bulk to your load.

Versatility for Various Activities

From camping and overlanding to hunting and pet care, portable water heaters are versatile tools. They can be used for showering, washing dishes, cleaning equipment, and more, making them valuable additions to your camping gear.

Easy Transportation and Setup

These devices are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and set up. Their user-friendly design ensures that even those new to camping can quickly get them up and running.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Using a portable water heater and shower can also be an environmentally friendly option. By heating water only when needed, they reduce energy consumption compared to traditional water heaters that keep water hot constantly.

Find The Right Water Heater

Our agents are here to help find the right water heater for your installation and needs. Tankless water heaters are not a one size fits all!

  • sh22 natural gas tankless water

    Smart Home 6.8 GPM Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, SH22 Series

    "Great value. If you compare the features with any other brands, you will not find another value. I’ve been extremely impressed with this unit."

    - Adam V.
  • 45hi natural gas tankless water

    6.8 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 45 Series

    "Saved The Day! We had a very old water heater that was notorious for taking 1 minute to get hot in the shower, the 45HI-NG has the shower hot in 10 seconds! Thank you Eccotemp!"

    - Tyler C.
  • esh-2-5 mini tank water heater

    Smart Home 2.5 Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

    "Great price, fast delivery. I installed the unit under the kitchen sink. From opening the box, plumbing and connecting via Wifi were no more than 60 mins. I'll monitor the daily KW usage. Strongly recommend trying this unit."

    - Wade T.
  • shlx tankless water heater

    L5 1.5 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

    "We love ours. Imagine cool weather with muddy 4 wheelers, muddy dogs, muddy kids, & gear...well that would destroy a normal weekend but not ours. We love taking warm showers and cleaning up with ours! It truly has been a game changer."

    - Mark F.
  • 6gb natural gas tankless water

    Builder Series 6.0 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater

    "Cannot be happier with this water heater. My family came home from a long weekend and we all were in desperate need for showers. Family of five showered back to back with no issues. Thanks for making life that much easier!"

    - Ron S.
  • sh22 liquid propane tankless water

    Smart Home 6.8 GPM Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, SH22 Series

    "Works great. Love it, does great for a family of 4, love the app and how you can adjust temp from phone. Works great for younger kids."

    - Redd
  • em-7-0 mini tank water

    Under Sink EM-7.0 Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

    "This guy recuperates in 20 minutes or less... Easily installs and works on 120 volts with very low power consumption and you do not have to wire up for high amps or a 240 line. I highly recommend this unit."

    - Louis G.
  • el10 portable tankless water

    Luxé 3.0 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

    "Quickly heats water. I like the thermostat with digital reading of water temperature. Has ample pressure and never ran out of warm water rinsing my horse whose reaction was that he liked the warm water."

    - Betty S.
  • el22i natural gas tankless water

    6.8 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater, EL22 Series

    "Great buy! Great purchase! Installation was quick and easy. Highly recommend!"

    - John C.
  • i12 liquid propane tankless water

    4.0 GPM Indoor Tankless Water Heater, i12 Series

    "I installed the unit a month ago with some fantastic tech support. Over all I am very happy with the performance of the heater and would recommend this unit to anyone."

    - Marc D.
  • esh 2 5 mini tank water

    Smart Home 2.5 Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

    "Look and size of the hot water heater is perfect if you are adding this to a work shop or bathroom. This water heater uses Wi-Fi so you can connect to Alexa and ok Google. Very nice packaging and very clear, easy to follow directions."

    - Matt
  • el7 portable tankless water

    Luxé 1.85 GPM Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

    "Great Portable Water Heater. Delivers functionally and aesthetically. Very easy to set up and came with everything I needed. Well constructed and I like that I can easily see the water temp. Look forward to years of use."

    - ARS